Árpád Meláth

Date of birth: 4 May 1961
First musical appearance: Hungarian song about storks (Gólya, gólya, gilice) - for storks
Occupation: carpenter, expert on wine
Musical instrument: French horn
- concert: while conducting Bach's Easter Oratory, Howard Williams sang the tenor solo replacing the soloist who lost his voice
- travel: in 1984, with Pécs Chamber Choir in Spittal (I was a soldier then, and got the permission the day before, but my passport was lost, I didn't have a visa, the choir has already set off but finally, I was there)
- composer: Händel, Mozart, Lennon - McCartney
- singer: members of King's Singers
- record: John Eliot Gardiner's records
- book: Irwin Shaw: The Young Lions
Hobby: football (playing, watching)

Besides, being a member of the choir of his primary school, he learned to play the horn in music school. Between 1980 and 1985, he learned singing tutored by Alice Komáromi. From 1981 to 1990, he was a member of Pécs Chamber Choir. During this time, he also sang in the Pécs Baptist Choir. He was one of the original members of Bach Singers, which he attended for 14 years, until 1999.

He sang solo in performances of Michael Haydn's Requiem, Charles Gounod: Missa Solemnis, and Franz Schubert: Stabat Mater.

He graduated from the WSET as ’Expert on wines’ in 2011.

He is one of the original members of UniCum Laude.