György Silló

Budapest, 1975.06.19.

Profound impact: A third floor apartment in a community owned block of flats in the infamous Ferencvaros district of Budapest. Three rooms. My brother practises high-level piano in one of them, in the second my sister does violin without the determination to become a professional. I'm in the third slaughtering the trumpet (maybe Elementary Trumpet Vol. 2) thus giving many of our neighbours their first and last musical experience.

Most beautiful concert: 2001. Performing Fidelio five times and the 9th symphony with the Choir of the Hungarian Armed forces conducted by Zubin Mehta in Tel-Aviv and Haifa. Except, of course, that probably the most amazing was the first ever Unicum gig. ☺

Education: car mechanic (311-1 automobile technical mechanic - car mecahnic), music teacher.

Memorable travel: ☺️ my first memorable journey with my family. We went to Transylvania in 1983. The border crossing then was priceless. For everything else there's Mastercard. ☺

My favourite composers: anybody who favours the world with beautiful music (likes of Bach, Händel, Verdi, Liszt, Erkel, Rossini, etc…)

Favourite writer: Albert Wass. Makes the Transylvanian snow-covered mountain peaks come alive in front of my eyes with his descritptions. You can almost feel the bitter cold. Second in that list is P. Howard (Jeno Rejto). Third is... I could go on like this forever. ☺

Now the official one:
Bakáts téri Ének-zenei Általános Iskola (Primary school)
Leővey Klára Gimnázium (Secondary school)
Csonka János MSZKI (Vocational school)
Berzsenyi Dániel Tanárképző Főiskola (Szombathely, University, BA)
Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem Savaria Egyetemi Központ (Szombathely, University, MA)

Honvéd Férfikar (1999-2007) (Choir of the Hungarian Armed Forces)
Nemzeti Énekkar (2007-) (National Choir)
Szent Efrém Férfikar (2005-) (Saint Efrem Choir)
Leővey Klára Gimnázium (2001-2003) (Secondary school)
Arany János MSZKI (2003-) (Vocational school)